Consulting for Home-Based Businesses. We provide bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses. Web site design and computer setup also available.

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This is what our customers say:

"I met Linda through a mutual friend about 2 years ago. Since then she has been an indispensable member of my vacation property management team. She manages all my bookkeeping for my 3 vacation rentals. This includes opening mail, sorting out contracts and checks, processing all payments and flagging files that need correspondence or payment reminders. She organizes all my annual reports and tax information as well. She manages all my accounts on QuickBooks and is very knowledgeable and proficient user on both PC and Macintosh. She also is very experienced dealing with a variety of on-line banking systems and has worked with the Bank of America on-line banking with my accounts as well as my credit union. She is quick to learn anything she is unfamiliar with.

Obviously it is important to have a skilled professional, but above all Linda is personable, hardworking, reliable and has always held herself to the highest standard of honesty. She requires her clients organize their accounts in such a way that there could never be any question of impropriety.

I have worked in a variety of businesses including customer service for more than 25 years. It is rare to come across someone that I could recommend as highly as Linda Swett."
-- Cynthia Haines, Broker-Owner,
Creekside Realty , Oceanfront Vacation Rentals Visit us today!

"Having Linda as the tech support frees me to do my job as a business owner and not to worry when the end of the month comes. I am happy and my customers are even happier to receive proper billing. Thank you. You are the next best thing to J.C.! and I mean it. You have organized my life! I love your spirit of: "LETS DO IT!" Thank you for all of your help."
-- Jaleh & Gus Arabian, Owners, Avenue Florist and Baychem. Visit us today!

"It's been a true pleasure working with R-Tech Services. Linda has a ton of knowledge and patience and makes the effort to learn QuickBooks painless - I would highly recommend Linda to anyone!"
-- Monique & Bob Cambron, Owners, Cambron Auto Body. Visit us today!

"We were in process of starting a "Gourmet Garlic Spread" business and desperately needed help in setting up some kind of bookkeeping system. Linda was wonderful and let me say VERY patient with me while I was or still am learning. We cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks Linda for your help. Have a great garlic day!"
-- Dawn & Tom Jackson, Owners, Majack Kitchens. Visit us today!

"I was ready to update my website to a more professional look. Linda and Rob took the existing information and transformed it into exactly what I was looking for. I especially loved their concern that it was artistic as well as professional. Thanks so much!"
--Jackie Roman, Owner,  Visit us today.

"Linda Swett has been a breath of fresh air for our business. Prior to Linda setting up, organizing, and maintaining our accounting books we were spending hours upon hours trying to keep our records straight. My wife and I own a small business and found ourselves completely stressing out during invoice and tax time. Linda came in and set up a simple system for sending out estimates and invoices, tracking payments, and creating various reports to track expenses for our CPA. She maintains our books with accuracy, she is knowledgeable, reliable, trustworthy, and affordable. I highly recommend Linda for any small business."
--Cliff Miles, Owner, C-Me Pool Service & Repair, Visit us today.

"Linda transferred the accounting system at Allied Arts Guild Restaurant onto QuickBooks efficiently and effectively. She also met our stringent deadline and trained our Office Manager to do the ongoing bookkeeping. We will count on her again to help roll up the year-end and get us started on our second year of QuickBooks. Thanks, Linda, for a job well done!"
-- Donna Jones, Finance Chairperson, Palo Alto Auxiliary. Visit us today!

“I run a small business out of my home. When I decided it was time to invest in a new computer, I went to Linda for help. She looked into several options and together we selected the setup that I could afford and that met my needs. When the computer arrived, she came to my house, unpacked it for me, and punched all the right keys to get everything up and working in a matter of hours. She even cleaned my old computer and made sure that any personal data was removed before I donated it to a local charity.”
--John Guy, Owner, John Guy Electric


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