Consulting for Home-Based Businesses. We provide bookkeeping and accounting services for small businesses. Web site design and computer setup also available.

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Computer Consulting

R-Tech Services can provide support and help with computer and networking setup and problems.

  • Want to have all your computers talking or sharing files with each other?
  • Does the idea of a network appeal to you but the potential confusion of installing one scare you away?

R-Tech Services can help. We will review your needs, plan the layout, and set up an easy to use network with internet access. Networks are designed to help businesses like yours become more efficient, and let you share your technology resources.

  • Buying a new PC or printer can be very confusing. Don't you agree? (We won't even talk about setting them up...)

R-Tech Services can help by working with you to make the right decisions about purchasing new hardware. A little bit of time spent now can save you a lot of money and frustration later.

After the purchase, we can set up new hardware and get it running for you.

  • Ready to purchase a new computer but don’t want to go through all the hassle of transferring your data and programs from your old computer?

R-Tech Services can handle all of the setup, registration, installation, and transferring of data for you.

  • Trying to determine what software is best for you?
  • Need help installing a software program?
  • Don't want to mess around with upgrades or installation of new software?

R-Tech Services can help. Here's how...

We will work with you to assess your computing needs and find the software that is right for you. We will help you determine your real needs and separate fact from fiction.

R-Tech Services can install new software or handle the upgrades of existing software to newer versions. We can help troubleshoot, diagnose and fix problems to keep you working efficiently too!

Let us take care of your technology while you take care of your business...

Services we offer:

  • Network setup and installation (both wired and wireless)
  • Software installation
  • System Troubleshooting
  • Advice on new computer or equipment purchase
  • New computer and equipment setup
  • Migration of data from your old computer to your new computer
  • Cleanup of data on your old computer 
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